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Tuesday (plus one) Thoughts 3-15-17

Now is the time all you full-time winter haters get a little satisfaction from me.  Yes, I’ve come to the part of this season where I stand at my living room window, look out at what I would have called (in November) a beautiful snowfall, and say, “Come on!”, and I really mean it!  Suddenly, I need (or so I think) the kayaks in the water, the comfortable campfire and the freedom from starting up the old hand-start John Deere and plowing snow…again (a task that is a delight in December).  Fortunately for me, my lovely wife Diana slips up behind me, slides her arm around my waist and says in a soft voice, “Oh honey, spring is coming”.  Though I know it to be true, this reminder from my life partner, expressed in such a soft but confident way, brings me a much needed reality check and rescues me from despair.  This same principle leapt out at me from the Old Testament book of Numbers as I was reading this morning.  I’m on the second day of a three chapter long story (chapters 22-24) about a king who realized the millions of Israel, nearly at the end of their journey to the land God promised to give them, were waiting alongside his country’s border.  Nearly panicked at the thought that these followers of God might attack and devour the whole country, he hired someone to come and put a curse on them.  When you read the entire story (please do, it’s the one that has a talking donkey in it!) you see this king make multiple efforts to elicit a curse, but each time, a blessing was the result.  Balaam, the man hired to bring a curse, summed up today’s principle this way, “Even if Balak (the king) were to give me a palace filled with silver and gold, I would be powerless to do anything against the will of the Lord my God.(Numbers 22:18).  God declared it this way, The Lord All-Powerful has made this promise: “These things will happen exactly as I planned them; they will happen exactly as I set them up.” (Isaiah 14:24  NCV).  I sure hope you’re hearing this clearly.   God has plans and His plans are going to prevail!  There are times when it seems like winter will never end, the crisis will never pass, and the need will never be filled.  At these times we tend to gaze out the window at what we see as wreckage and say, “Come on!”  But, thankfully, Jesus, who knows our pain and His plans, slips up behind us, slides His arm around us and says, Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  (John 14:27b NIV).  So what are you afraid of today?  What do you think will never happen? What makes you gaze out and say, “Come on!”?   Say it to Him, and listen for His reply.   The Savior will not disappoint you and He will never fail!       – Pastor John

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