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Tuesday Thoughts 8-1-17

I recently went through another round of the “shipping shuffle.”  I know you’ve done this dance too.  I ordered something on a Wednesday that I expected to be delivered on a Friday (I was sure it said 2 day shipping).  Being excited about my new thing, I began clicking the tracking number link as soon as it was possible…and every fifteen minutes after.  But they don’t always update that information in real-time (so I told myself).  So when Friday came to an end, I still kept checking.  On Saturday morning I saw that it had arrived here at our local UPS facility at 1:38 am!  But it didn’t say anything about being in a truck for delivery.  They do deliver on Saturdays (I thought)…it must be an oversight.  I kept checking, watching the driveway, getting antsy and anxious…nothing.  Finally, on the Monday after, I saw it listed for delivery that day!  Did that calm my concern?  Of course not!  I needed to know the time!  So from morning til 3 pm (when it was actually delivered) I was constantly checking the tracking (while at the office), or looking out the window (home for lunch).   Upon looking back at those five days (and even during them) it’s easy to see what I sacrificed in attitude and accomplishment.  As always, the Holy Spirit was faithful in calling me to account, this time by words written in the New Testament book named Romans.  Look at the thirteenth verse of Chapter 15: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Ouch!  Here is the promise of full and overflowing joy and peace.  How close do you suppose I got to that description?  Yeah…epic fail.  And if I can so easily sacrifice an overflowing peace and joy over this one item (not a fluff thing – really useful), how much more difficult will it to be to overflow while waiting for a delivery of the really important things?  Fortunately, this verse contains the key…trust.  Not trust in brown trucks but in the awesome God and Savior Jesus!  Trust is simply the practice of leaving details to someone in whom we have seen evidence of trustworthiness.  In order to practice trust, you have to stop looking, checking, worrying.  We ask, and while we wait, we do.  What is it you’re waiting to get delivered; rebuilt relationships, wisdom, healing…?   Then engage in trusting God.  If you haven’t seen the evidence of His trustworthiness, ask Him to show you…that’s a great place to start!  Do you already know He will handle it?  Then stop checking up on Him, reliving need and pain.  Follow where Jesus is leading you.  Rejoice in what is already here.  I can promise you one thing…whatever you have asked and are waiting for, it’s on the truck for delivery!

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