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Tuesday Thoughts: 10-10-17

I’m always listening for signs of trouble in the house.  I can hear the boiler when it opens up a heat run, a pump motor running, or a drip of water (to name a few).  So last night when I heard the well pump cycle without any appliances calling for water, I had to look the whole house over and make sure there wasn’t a leak somewhere (a recent plumbing addition has me a little on edge anyway). My fear is that a leak will go undetected, start gathering in a dark corner of the basement, and we’ll end up with water damage.  Isn’t it interesting that we can think of water in terms of it being a nuisance, when there are parts of the world with water so scarce that even a trickle is a great blessing?  We really underestimate the value of water here in the western world.  But the theme of water, the value of its purity and availability, is a running (pun intended) theme in the Bible.  God’s Word talks about wells and springs in terms of the need our bodies have for it.  He even made water pour out of rocks so people wouldn’t die of thirst!  But it is also used symbolically in the scriptures.  The water of baptism is cleansing, but water can also represent troubles (think flood).  One of the most powerful themes of water was taught in the New Testament book of John.  First, in chapter four, Jesus talked to a woman at a well, He offered her a drink of water that would become a spring of eternal life. Then again in chapter seven, He spells it out even more clearly: “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.” (John 7:37b–38 NLT).  Jesus is the Living Water!!!  If you have not taken a drink yet, I urge you to put aside your fear, doubt, and all the unknowns, and place your life in the hands of the Savior.  Just ask Him for that drink (then tell someone you know has already done it)!  But, really, I’m writing this mostly to people for whom the thirst-quenching taste of Christ is familiar.  As a drinker of the Water of Life, a verse on the Old Testament book of Jeremiah really caught my attention: “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” (Jeremiah 2:13 NIV).  Now, the full force of this indictment on God’s people here does not rest on us.  The original readers had to bear the consequences for deep, deep sin.  But, in all honesty (join me, won’t you?), I can find myself in this verse.  Of all the lessons this teaches (please give God an open door to teach more than I write), what struck me in this tradeoff, was water quality.  Never mind that the storage tank (cistern) leaks.  The fact remains that the quality of water going into it is compromised.  You see, a cistern collects runoff.  Rain that has dripped down the roof, or water that had flowed over the ground…that is what goes into the cistern.  Sticks, rocks, and germs of all kinds are picked up and deposited in the storage tank.  Almighty God is a spring!  Out of a spring, pure, untainted, abundant water flows!  When we choose our way (or someone else’s way) over our Creator’s way, we’re trading purity for contamination.  Contamination leads to weakness, sickness and disease.  What is your life like?  Do you see a continual flow of the power and peace of God, or are you walking an anemic, sluggish, defeated path?  What is your water source?  Take time to think and pray through how you live, the things you do, the attitudes you keep.  Do they come from the cistern or the Spring?  Give it up to Jesus and let the spring flow!

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