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Tuesday Thoughts 11-6-18

My apologies to non-football readers but I can’t help but drag my personal fan-ship into today’s topic.  As a life-long Detroit Lions fan, I am well acquainted with unfulfilled expectations (to put it extremely mildly).  To give some perspective to those of you who don’t know (or care), this team’s last true success happened two years before I was born.  Every year since has been a rollercoaster ride (except it never gets to the top) of failure, disappointment and false hopes.  The blame has been assigned (and a call for heads to roll) on the owners, the stadium, the players, the coaches, and even the city, which was abandoned for 26 years as they played in nearby Pontiac.  The effect of rooting for the Honolulu Blue & Silver for many decades has definitely taken a toll (can I get a witness!).  In the 1990’s, a peek into my Sunday afternoon living room would disclose a figure on his knees in front of the TV with fists raised, an anguished facial expression, and a verbal groaning (or pleading) over the last botched play.  Believe me, this is no way to prepare for a Sunday evening church service!  Somewhere along the line, I finally realized how little these weekly games affected real life.  Before you judge, take a moment to translate this dynamic to your hobbies, involvements and passions.  We are a people who get caught up in our favorite pursuits to the point of assigning them life-defining meaning. So what’s my point?  At the polls today, you are rooting for a team, or players, or a coaching philosophy (to keep our sports analogy).  There will be wins and losses.  There will be botched plays.  You might be tempted to fall on your knees in anguish and cry out in despair (or frustration).  You might come to the conclusion that all is lost (or you might declare an absolute victory).  And while I fully realize the implications of election wins and losses are far more important and life-impacting than a football game, the political results of today’s voting will not change what is most important.  The kingdom of our Creator, with all its principles, will move forward!  No dictator, king, president or parliament can stop it.  No human laws, proposals, or politicians can destroy it, because it is founded on Jesus, the eternal One!  As Paul, the New Testament political prisoner put it, “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”  2 Corinthians 10:4–5 (NIV84).  The “Government of God” (see Isaiah 9:6-7) is on a continual winning streak!  Therefore, I pray three things for you today.  First, don’t stop rooting.  That means supporting the cause of Christ in word, thought and deed (including at the polls).  The wins will not always be apparent, but they are certain.  Second, don’t be discouraged.  Remember that the most exciting and powerful time in the history of the church happened under a Roman Emperor who tried to kill all the Christ-followers (see the book of Acts).  The power of God through the Holy Spirit shined brilliantly in that darkness as it always will!  Third, love those who support things that are against the will of God.  Because our victory in Him is assured, we are free to love even as Jesus did.  Get in the game!

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