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Tuesday Thoughts 2-5-19

You either like it or don’t, but whichever side you fall on, there’s no avoiding its presence. The Superbowl.  Perhaps you’re happy it’s over, or sad (like me) that there are months to go before football returns, but since it’s a social and entertainment event (funny commercials-except for this year), there’s something in it for most of us.  One thing that kept being advertised was called, “Fan Pricing” for in-stadium food.  The experts say it was a 34% reduction in prices aimed at keeping fans happy.  It’s an interesting strategy considering that a ticket for the event is $2500 plus! Yes, you read that correctly but let me spell it out: two thousand five hundred dollars per ticket (plus travel, hotel, meals).  Most of you probably think that’s ridiculous, a few of you are already strategizing how to come up with it.  If football leaves you wondering why, think of that group whose concert you want to attend, the Comic-Con event you want to participate in, or that popular Christian speaker whose seminar you want to enjoy.  There is something about a special event where people gather for a common reason and pour in an uncommon amount of passion that makes the extra price worthwhile.  Though these events contain elements we experience in more solitary, personal ways, the combined participation results on a synergistic experience that compares to nothing else!  As a result, everyone has that “thing” into which they’re willing and happy to pour extra resources.  I’d like to invite you to one of those “things”.  It’s the 24-hour prayer and worship event this Thursday and Friday from 6pm – 6pm at Gaylord Family Fellowship (If you’re not local, stick through to the end anyway).  Before you switch this idea off, consider one (of many) biblical calls to community prayer found in the Old Testament book of Second Chronicles, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV84).  This was not given by God in a time of chaos in the land.  It was given in a time of relative moral excellence as a remedy to the calamity the Creator knew was coming, because all people are broken and prone to failure.  It’s like he was saying. “You don’t feel it now, but there will come a time when ungodly choices will lead to unbelievably terrible circumstances.  They will be so bad, you’ll think that all is lost, and nothing will change them – you will lose hope.  This is what you need to do when that time comes.” So let me ask you, is there chaos?  Globally, people are starving, persecuted for their ethnicity, faith, or disabilities.  Nationally, babies are being legally murdered right up to birth, racism still wounds, injustice still leaves people out in the margins.  Personally, there are emotional, relational, physical, and financial deficits and pressures that seem unending and irreparable.  Do you want to see the healing? Now is the time to come together, pray, seek the face of God, confess and turn away from our role in feeding the calamity, and call out for Jesus to have his way in all the segments of our world!  Come if you pray often or if you think prayer isn’t your “thing.” Come to cry out for the needs of the world, or your own needs.  Come and pray for a church on fire for God!  Come to this common cause, with an uncommon passion to receive the promise of His presence and power! Come at any time and stay for as long as you can.  Non-locals, set aside time in your schedule to join us in prayer where you are.  Organize and carry out a 24-hour prayer event of your own too!  The GFF praise team will lead live worship from 7 – 9 pm on Thursday, and worship music will be playing throughout the twenty-four hours.  Now is the time!

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